Incubator control unit – battery charger

Incubator control unit – battery charger

Flagship model lineup Broody – Incubator Zoom 180 . It seems that all the advantages of this 4-storey model for 180 chicken eggs are described in detail in the review article on the incubator , but … 

Another application in the farm is not mentioned. 

The period of incubation of the bird in most regions lasts about 3-4 months: from February to May. All the rest of the time, the incubator is stored on distant shelves. 

But if there is a car in the farm, you can use the incubator control unit as a charger for a car battery. The electronic node of the charger is positioned as a “smart charger”. By connecting the battery to a charge, you do not need to worry about recharging (which happens with cheap Chinese chargers) – the electronics itself will turn off the charging when the battery is fully charged. The charge current is limited to 1.5A. 

Similarly, as a charger for a car battery, you can use the control unit from the Mini Battery 90 incubator model

It is not known how important this function is for a poultryman – time will tell) 

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