Climate for plants

Climate systems for plants


Devices designed for the care of domestic plants, as well as for the cultivation of microgreens and garden seedlings.

There is a whole line of devices for every taste and need.

For growing something exclusive, requiring special care and microclimate – the Green-Cap L. The system is equipped with a Full Spectrum Phyto light and automatic humidification. Also suitable for growing microgreens and seedlings at home.


To protect indoor plants and seedlings from drafts, temperature changes and increased daylight hours – the Sezam L New mini greenhouse. The size of the greenhouse (63 * 43 * 33 cm) will make it easy to place it on a windowsill or other small surface. The device is equipped with Phyto-light similar to the sun (Full Spectrum), pleasant to human vision, which will allow plants to grow and develop even better.

With a large number of indoor plants and lack of space for them, the three-level Sezam XL New greenhouse with Full Spectrum Phyto light is optimal.

For supplementary lighting of any indoor plant – frame phyto-lamp Metaflex TwiLight. The frame allows you to place the device on any horizontal surface, even on a narrow window sill. Convenient lamp height adjustment allows you to set the required distance to the top leaves of plants as they grow, up to a maximum height of 112 cm.

Floor phyto luminaire of the full spectrum Metaflex IO-3 for illumination of house plants and decoration (decoration) of residential and office premises. The strict straight-line design and natural white light of the lamps make it possible to organically fit the lamp into the interior of any room, be it a home bedroom or an office room.led lights for bedroom

All devices with a low supply voltage of 5V and 12V – therefore they are all safe for humans and pets.