Tray Standart 45

Tray of automatic coup in the incubator Standart 45

Autoplavor tray of eggs  Standart 45  is an independent mechanical design (patent) with an electric motor designed to turn (rotate) chicken and duck eggs in a domestic incubator. Elements of the design of the tray are made of materials that can withstand a damp environment for a long time and have high resistance to corrosion.

Autoroute tray Standart 45

Plastic guides and levers transmit movement from the motor with a cam mechanism. Cassettes for eggs are made of steel mesh with a thickened zinc coating. The entire construction of the tray is based on the chassis made of aluminum.

Autoroute tray Standart 45

The force of the motor is designed for a maximum load of 7-9 kg. (The load for turning large chicken eggs of the first category is from 3 to 4 kg.)


  • Specifications of the tray Standart 45

Characteristic Value
Capacity of the tray / Estimated number of eggs, pcs:   – chicken

– quail




Food 220V / 12V
Coupling speed 2.5 rpm
Motor power, W 4
Moment, kg 7-8
Overall dimensions, m 0.43×0.45×0.13
Weight, kg  1.15