Standart WaterPlus 28


Standart WaterPlus 28

The automatic egg turner in the incubator is designed to overturn in the incubation  process of large bird species eggs(Toulouse goose, Holmogorsky goose, Gorky goose, Geese Linda, and also smaller geese species: Gray goose (Anseranser), Humennik, White or Polar goose, Sukhonos, Mountain, Chicken, Nile goose, Andean, Magellanic goose, Goose-whitetail)


The device is completely independent and may be used in incubators of different manufacturers, the dimensions of which allow to place a tray in it.

The tray contains from 16 (horizontal arrangement of huge goose eggs) to 32 (vertical arrangement of small breeds or geese eggs  ) and can be used for chicken, duck and other eggs of medium sized birds.

The use of the Q28 liner allows the tray to be used in the incubation of quail and other eggs of birds of similar size.


The tray  Standard WaterPlus 28 is made of high-quality materials sustaining high humidity and not exposed to corrosion: plastic, aluminum profile, galvanized mesh.

The Standart WaterPlus 28 tray is the most universal tray , allowing it to be used in the incubation of all bird species, excluding the ostrich.

Technical characteristics (similar to those of the Standart 45 tray )

  • Technical Specifications of the Standart WaterPlus 28

Capacity of the tray / Estimated number of eggs, pcs:   – Goose

– chicken

– quail




Food220V / 12V
Coupling speed2.5 rpm
Motor power, W4
Moment, kg7-8
Overall dimensions, m0.43×0.45×0.13
Weight, kg 1.05