Phytolamp 24LED NEW
for home, balcony, terrace, patio

    The lamp of the original design is made of an aluminum tube with excellent heat dissipation, which made it possible to achieve high luminous efficiency. The use of 20 full spectrum LEDs LM301B, specially developed by Samsung for plants, gives a luminous flux of up to 16000* lux and a luminous flux density of up to 237* mMol / m2 / s  ( *at a distance of 10 cm from the plant ). 

Built with the latest flip chip technology, the Samsung LM301 boasts the highest efficiency in the industry at 220 lm / W, making it an ideal component for high-efficiency LED lighting fixtures and is at least 10% better in efficiency than its nearest competitors. 


An additional 4 LEDs of the red spectrum give the plant the necessary synthesis for the production of flowers and fruits. Low voltage 12V power supply ensures safe operation of the system for people and pets.


Specifications Phytolamp 24LED NEW


Mains voltage110-220v
Supply voltage of the luminaire unit12v
System power rating6,9W
Luminaire spectrumFull Spectrum
Number of LEDs (Samsung LM301B)20
Number of additional LEDs (optional)4
Luminaire size 24*0,74 inch (diameter)
Luminous flux density*  (PAR)106 µMol/m2/s
Illumination*7188 Lx
Light flow(Φv)1517 Lm
Luminous performance220 Lm/W
Energy illumination* (IRR)22,57 W/m2
Color rendering index CRI (Ra)85,66%
Colorful temperature (CCT)3317 К
 * when used at a height of 7,87″ inch from lamp to plant.