Double Micro Battery 90

Double Micro Battery 90 – Micro series incubator for 90 chicken eggs

Incubator for eggs Broody Double Micro Battery 90 is designed to hatch young farm poultry from eggs.

Among the main features (advantages) of Double Micro 90:

  • Automatic humidity control
  • Battery back-up
  • Disinfection and cleaning of the cover in the washing machine
  • Automatic egg revolution
  • Foldable construction

The unique humidifier of the incubator achieves a maximum humidity of 96% in 8 minutes. Special replacement element – hydro-aerator nozzle easily screwed onto any PET-bottle for food liquids. Humidity in the incubator is provided by means of two injectors: main and auxiliary.

The incubator switches to backup power from the battery (and vice versa) in automatic mode – when the voltage in the household network is lost, the electronics switch the power to work from a 12 volt battery.

Disinfection of the incubator and its cleaning are provided by washing a removable heat-insulation cover in a washing machine. The cover is made of a special wear-resistant waterproof material, which allows long-term use (10 years).

Automatic tray (2 pcs.) Is designed for a capacity of 40-45 chicken eggs. Equipped with a motor with a safe power supply of 12 volts. The period and duration of the coup are set by the user using the incubator control unit.

The folding / folding design of the incubator allows the incubator to be folded into a compact box during transportation or long-term storage.  

Incubator for eggs Broody Double Micro Battery 90

  In the incubator, chickens, ducks, guinea fowls, pheasants, turkeys and other poultry breeds with an average egg size and weight of 20-70 grams can be hatched.

When using special inserts (Q28) in tray cassettes, the incubator can be used to remove the chicks of smaller bird breeds, with an egg weight of 9 to 20 grams: quail and others.

Using trays with enlarged cassettes allows for incubation of larger bird eggs, with an egg weight of 70-150 grams, such as goose (including giant breeds).

Double Micro Battery 90 incubator specifications

Capacity of the incubator / Estimated number of eggs, pcs:   – chicken

   – quail



Food12 in
Capacity of the incubator (medium / maximum)90/150 W
Uniform temperature distributionUp to <0.5 ° C
Temperature maintenance modeAuto
Humidity maintenance modeAuto
Temperature control accuracy0.01 ° C
Humidity control accuracy0.5%
Period of flipping trays20 seconds … 24 hours
Audible alarms for emergency modesthere is
Powered by an autonomous source 12vthere is
Setting the temperature within30 … 40 ° C
Setting the humidity within20 – 85%
Humidifier capacity500-1200 ml
Water flow in the humidifier (H = 55%)~ 350-500 ml / day


Incubator Double Micro Battery 50 – is intended for poultry-lovers engaged in breeding birds of different breeds in private farms.