Mini Zoom Series


Mini Zoom family of incubators

All incubators of the Mini Zoom series are analogues of the older models of the Zoom series . Each model has its own characteristics, whether it is the specialization of functions for breeding a specific breed of birds, or the use of materials and components that reduce the final cost of the incubator.

Similarities and differences of specific models of Mini Zoom incubators are presented in the table:

CharacteristicMini Zoom 90100-Mini Zoom 90Mini Goose 56100-Mini Goose 56Mini 90 BatteryMini Zoom 90 Battery - incubator with battery (backup power)


Capacity of the incubator / Estimated number of eggs, pcs:   
–  Goose  (vertical / horizontal position)56/40 
–  chicken80-906480-90
–  quail  (when using the liner  Q28 )280224280
Complete car. traysStandart 45Standart WaterPlus 28Standart 45
Number of cars in the package222
Complete with output trays, pcs.
Complete with quail liners  Q28
Capacity of the incubator (medium / maximum)50/70 W50/70 W50/70 W
Uniform temperature distributionUp to <0.5 ° CUp to <0.5 ° CUp to <0.5 ° C
Temperature maintenance modeAutoAutoAuto
Humidity maintenance modeAutoAutoAuto
Temperature control accuracy0.01 ° C0.01 ° C0.01 ° C
Humidity control accuracy0.5%0.5%0.5%
Period of flipping trays20 seconds … 24 hours20 seconds … 24 hours20 seconds … 24 hours
Audible alarms for emergency modesthere isthere isthere is
Automatic ventilationthere isthere isthere is
Emergency coolingthere isthere isthere is
Automatic ventilationthere isthere isthere is
Powered by an autonomous source 12vNoNothere is
Setting the temperature within30 … 40 ° C30 … 40 ° C30 … 40 ° C
Setting the humidity within20 – 99%20 – 99%20 – 99%
Humidifier capacity2.2 liters2.2 liters2.2 liters
Water flow in the humidifier (H = 55%)~ 700-900 ml / day~ 700-900 ml / day~ 700-900 ml / day
Size, m (assembled)0,5х0,5х0,50,5х0,5х0,50,5х0,5х0,5
Weight, kg (gross) 6.7 6.77.8