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Cassette for quail egg eggs incubator Broody

Кассета для перепелиных яиц инкубатора Broody

  Cassette for quail eggs of the automatic tumbler of the incubator Broody Zoom  Capacity of the cassette 28 eggs  In the tray 5 cassettes x 28 = 140 eggs  In the incubator 4 trays x140 = 560 eggs Total:

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The withdrawal rate of chickens is 93%. Incubation of the hens “Kohinhin” and “Brahma”.

The deducibility of the Brody incubator is 93%. Incubation of the hens “Kohinhin” and “Brahma”. Incubation of the hens “Kohinhin” and “Brahma”. The yield is 92.6%. Bookmark – 32 eggs. 5 – infertility. 2 – marriage. As a result: 25

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Build incubator Broody Zoom/Video

Video frame assemblies incubator Broody Zoom

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