Tray 6 Straus


Tray 6 Straus

Tray of automatic turning (turning) eggs of ostrich for incubation.

Tray  Straus 6 is designed to turn ostrich eggs in the process of incubation. Made of high quality materials: aluminum, plastic, galvanized welded mesh.

straus -6_001-broody

It is designed for 6 ostrich eggs. The maximum total egg weight is up to 9 kg. Tray Straus 6 is a completely autonomous device and can be used in incubators of various designs, including homemade ones.

  • Tray 6 specifications

Capacity of the tray / Estimated number of eggs, pcs:   – ostrich6th


Food220V / 12V
Coupling speed2.5 rpm
Motor power, W4
Moment, kg9
Overall dimensions, m0,4х0,45х0,18
Weight, kg 1.62


straus -6_003-broody