for microgreens and seedlings



GreenCap is a device for growing microgreens and seedlings at home. The device consists of a lightweight aluminum frame, a transparent cover with ventilation holes and a humidity control unit. Two tubular luminaires are built into the power section of the frame and serve as the basis for placing the control unit and tanks with nozzles. The nozzles provide the system with the specified humidity. Innovative solutions implemented in the germinator allow creating an ideal microclimate for domestic plants, microgreens, seedlings. A transparent awning made of silicone material “flexible glass” allows you to fully observe the growth of plants.

  • The original fixtures use Samsung Full spectrum LEDs – the best on the market for phytolight today. The PPF and PPF / W (PAR and PAR / W) of full spectrum LEDs significantly accelerate plant growth compared to narrow spectrum LEDs.
  • The advantage of solar-spectrum LEDs lies primarily in the fact that plants receive light similar to natural light for their development . An important factor is the preferred sensitivity (human vision) of light from the solar spectrum over phyto-light “bicolor” and “multicolor”.

Best light for microgreen, seed, home flower

The density of the luminous flux (PPFD – photosynthetic photon flux density) in luminaires 41.26 micromol / m 2 * s (μMol / m 2 * s) and the “solar spectrum” is sufficient for the cultivation of most species microgreens even smokers having no natural sunlight . In other words, you can grow microgreens in a completely dark room.

best light for growing plants indoors

  • A special air humidification system allows you to create and maintain humidity in the box from 20 to 98%. The automatic electronic humidity control system uses an industrial sensor that does not require calibration during the entire life, and allows you to regulate humidity with an accuracy of 1%.
  • Two tanks (0.6 l each) with built-in nozzles ensure the maintenance of the set humidity in the system for 1-2 days *. The simplicity of water filling does not create additional difficulties when servicing the device.


Thanks to the reduced supply voltage (5V) of all elements, GreenCap L ensures safety for people and pets.

GreenCap L presentation (click picture).pdf

 In the GreenCap L germinator you can successfully grow:
  • Microgreens: wheat, rye, oats, soybeans, peas, buckwheat, chickpeas, basil, broccoli, etc.
  • Seedlings: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, etc.
  • Plants requiring special conditions (e.g. tropical plants)

The warranty period is 12 months.



Technical characteristics

Mains voltage110-220v
Luminaire unit supply voltage5v
System power rating14.5W
Luminaire spectrumFull Spectrum
Number of LEDs (Samsung LM301B)8
Number of additional LEDs (optional)4
Lamp size600 * 19 mm (diameter)
Luminous flux density (PAR)2 * 20.63 μMol / m 2 / s
Illuminance2 * 1512 Lx
Luminous flux ( Φ v )2 * 310.4 Lm
Luminous performance120 Lm / W
Energetic Illumination (IRR)4.45 W / m 2
Color rendering index CRI (Ra)74.9%
Color Temperature (CCT)3440 K
Box size assembled630 * 225 * 330 mm
Weight, without box1,8 kg
Packing size200 * 750 * 150 mm
Weight of packing2.1 kg