Sezam XL New

indoor greenhouse with lights  The Sezam XL mini-greenhouse is a three-storey structure made of light metal (aluminum) tubes with intermediate shelves for placing plants and is designed for plant care at home. To create an optimal microclimate, a transparent cover is provided, which also protects plants from low temperatures, pests and drafts. The use of “Phyto spectrum” LED lamps with a high luminous efficiency of 120 Lm / W allows indoor plants to be placed inside rooms without compromising their growth and development.

indoor greenhouse with lights

The frame of the mini-greenhouse allows you to place a total load of up to 20 kg. The simplicity of the design allows you to assemble the greenhouse in a few minutes. The frame elements are made of corrosion-resistant materials.
The outer cover is made of a 250 µm thick silicone film of increased transparency (“flexible glass”) and allows you to fully observe the development and condition of plants. The beauty of your plants is always in sight!

indoor greenhouse with lights


Metaplant Phyto lamps are characterized by an effective effect on all types of plants, both for microgreens, where the blue part of the spectrum is required for the growth of green mass, and for adult indoor plants in the vegetative and fruiting stage, where the red components of the spectrum are required. Greens, seedlings, and flowers grow well.

Best light for microgreen, seed, home flower

Best light for microgreen, seed, home flower

The white light of Metaplant white light does not annoy the human eye, contrary to red-blue (bi-color) and pink (multi-color), and does not harm the eyesight of humans and animals. Metaplant lamps are made of high-quality components (Samsung LM301B LEDs) and have a reduced safe supply voltage of 5V.
* Samsung LEDs have the best Phyto light performance in the world today.


indoor greenhouse with lights

The multi-storey design of the frame structure allows you to compactly and conveniently place the Sezam XL mini-greenhouse in the limited conditions of a balcony, patio, terrace, loggia, apartment.
Sezam XL takes up little space – only 0.2 m2. If necessary, the cover can be removed and the structure can be used as a light shelf for home flowers.
The transparent cover is equipped with a flap-door with a zip lock, which provides easy access to plants for watering and maintenance.
Creating an optimal microclimate for plants in the SezamXL mini greenhouse allows you to quickly get excellent results.

Sezam XL mini-house presentation 

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PDF presentation  Sezam_XL

Sezam  XL mini greenhouse specifications

Mains voltage 110-220v
Luminaire unit supply voltage 5v
System power rating 9.3W
Luminaire spectrum Full Spectrum
Number of LEDs (Samsung LM301B) 3 * 8
Number of additional LEDs (optional) 3 * 4
Lamp size 600 * 19 mm (diameter)
Luminous flux density (PAR) 3 * 20.63 μMol / m 2 / s
Illuminance 3 * 1512 Lx
Luminous flux ( Φ v ) 3 * 310.4  Lm
Luminous performance 120 Lm / W
Energetic Illumination (IRR) 4.45 W / m 2
Color rendering index CRI (Ra) 74.9%
Color Temperature (CCT) 3440 K°
Assembled mini greenhouse size L 25.19 ″* W 13.38* ″ H 56.88″ 

1445 * 640 * 340 mm

Weight, without box 5.7 kg (12,56 lb.)
Packing size L 18.50 ″* W 3.93 ″*H 29.92 ″

760 * 470 * 100 mm

Weight of packing 6.0 kg (13,22 lb.)