Zoom Goose 112

Zoom Goose 112

Incubator automatic Zoom Goose 112 is designed primarily for the breeding of geese of different breeds, including giant (Toulouse, Holmogorian, Italian white geese). Also the incubator can be used, without any modifications or modifications, for incubating turkeys, ducks, musk ducks, chickens, pheasants, peacocks, quail and other species of birds. Universal cassettes, on the basis of which the autotransport trays  Standart WaterPlus 28 are made,  accessories for the incubator, allow to lay absolutely any eggs of large and medium size, and with a special insert Q28and small eggs.

Zoom Goose 112

The incubator allows the laying of 112 large goose eggs (in the vertical position), 80 large-sized goose eggs (in horizontal position), 128 chicken or 448 quail eggs (using Q28 liner).

The incubator is equipped with automatic backup power and battery charging system. Airing, cooling, flipping, humidifying – all parameters are set by the user with the help of the control unit. All functions are automatic.

All functions of the Zoom Goose 112 incubator are similar to those of the Zoom 180 model . So in the Zoom series, the Zoom Goose 112incubator   is the most versatile incubator for incubating any species of birds except the ostrich (for the incubation of ostrich eggs, the Zoom STRAUS 12 model is recommended for 12 ostriches eggs).

Capacity of the incubator / Estimated number of eggs, pcs:- goose (horiz. / Vertical position)

– chicken

– quail (when using the liner Q28 )




Food220V / 12V
Capacity of the incubator (medium / maximum)150/210 W
Uniform temperature distributionUp to <0.3 ° C
Temperature maintenance modeAuto
Humidity maintenance modeAuto
Temperature control accuracy0.01 ° C
Humidity control accuracy0.5%
Period of flipping trays20 seconds … 24 hours
Audible alarms for emergency modesthere is
Automatic coolingthere is
Automatic ventilationthere is
Powered by an autonomous source 12vthere is
Mode of switching to backup powerAuto
Battery charging functionthere is
Energy saving mode when running on battery powerthere is
Setting the temperature within30 … 40 ° C
Setting the humidity within20 – 99%
Humidifier capacity2,5 l
Water flow in the humidifier (H = 55%)~ 900 ml / day
Size, m (assembled)0,5х0,5х0,75
Weight, kg (gross)14.2

* At the request of the buyer, the Zoom Goose 112 incubator can be supplied in the versionZoom Goose Light 112 (differ only in the configuration of automatic trays Simpo WaterPlus 28 made of painted metal)


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