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Innovations from the Broody brand

Brody incubator lineup 


The Broody incubator lineup is presented in several series:

  • series Zoom               180 eggs
  • Mini Zoom        90 eggs
  • Micro series (announcement)     45 eggs
  • Maxi series (announcement)    400 eggs or more

The lineup of Broody automatic incubators

Each series “covers” the different needs of poultry farmers in the capacity, quality and focus of household incubators.

Incubators for chickens, geese, ducks, quails, ostriches

Zoom series   and  Mini Zoom series are already presented in the trade networks of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Spain, Romania, Poland and Greece. The Micro and  Maxi seriesare laboratory and field trials and will be presented in autumn 2017.

Broody ™ Zoom incubators are characterized by

  • “Four-story” arrangement of the trays of the coup (except for the model Zoom Straus 12 )
  • all consumers 12 in
  • automatic battery backup and charging system

Incubators series Zoom – flags of the brand Broody ™

The Broody ™ Mini Zoom incubators are characterized by

  • “Two-storey” arrangement of the trays of the coup
  • mixed food of consumers 220/12 in
  • lack of automatic backup power


All Broody ™ models have the following features :

  • collapsible housing
  • proportional-differential temperature stabilization system
  • built-in powerful humidifier
  • periodic ventilation system
  • emergency cooling system
  • ventilation and air distribution system
  • assembly of collapsible universal trays for eggs of different species of birds
  • complete with output trays (only Zoom 180 and Zoom Goose 112 )
  • Wi-Fi / Internet – remote control of incubation parameters (optional)

Broody ™ incubators are designed for users who, as incubators, are not enough to use “foam plastic boxes” with minimal heating and egg turning functions. Broody ™ incubators are designed for poultry farmers with increased requirements for functionality and convenience, wanting to control all incubation parameters both in general and separately. 

Each element, node, function or parameter was brought to the optimum by the company within 1.5 years. The quality and thoughtfulness of the details of the incubator are put by the Zoom and Mini Zoom models by an order of magnitude higher than their competitors. The design of both the whole incubator and its individual components is patented and has no analogues in the world.

Broody incubators