Broody Micro 50

Broody Micro 50 incubator is a modern incubator of folding design with automatic adjustment of humidity and temperature. Designed for incubation of 50 chicken (duck) eggs. The main feature of the Micro 50 is an efficient humidifier that allows you to set, adjust and maintain the specified humidity in the incubator.

Инкубатор для яиц Micro 50




The incubator for eggs Micro 50 consists of:

– easy collapsible, corrosion-resistant, frame made of aluminum tubes and plastic connecting elements and allowing compact transport of the incubator and reduce shipping costs. The connecting elements are made of plastic (polyamide), resistant to high temperatures and aggressive environments.

– heat-moisture insulating cover made of a special wear-resistant waterproof fabric, which allows for sanitary cleaning by washing in a washing machine.

– a humidifier of a geyser type, which allows maintaining a predetermined moisture level in the incubator.

– The forced air circulation and heating unit. The temperature control system is based on the PID-controller (Proportional-Integral-Differentiating Controller), namely, automatic control with feedback, which excludes even short-term overheating of eggs. Power regulation has 255 steps.

– an electronic control unit that sets, controls and adjusts the microclimate parameters in the incubator. (A high-precision industrial temperature and humidity sensor is used)

– an original tray of automatic coup of eggs with a motor. The tray is equipped with mesh cassettes designed to bookmark 50 chicken or duck eggs (guinea fowl, pheasant eggs). The use of cassettes equipped with a special mesh liner Q28, allows the incubation of eggs of smaller breeds of birds, such as quail. Capacity of a tray with a liner Q28 – 168 quail eggs. It is also possible to use special cassettes for goose eggs. Capacity of a tray with “goose” cassettes: 42 goose eggs (with vertical arrangement of eggs), 24 goose eggs (with horizontal arrangement of eggs).



Broody Micro 50 incubator specifications

Characteristics Value
Capacity of the incubator / Estimated number of eggs, pcs:
– chicken

– quail


Power supply 220v
Incubator power (average / maximum) 70/120 W
Uniformity of temperature distribution Up to <0.5 ° C
Temperature maintenance mode Automatic
Humidity maintenance mode Automatic
Temperature control accuracy 0.01 ° C
Humidity control accuracy 0,5%
The period of revolution of the trays 20 sec … 24 hours
Audible alarms of emergency modes
Powered by an offline source 12v No
Setting the temperature within 30 … 40 ° C
Setting humidity between 20 – 85%
Humidifier capacity 750 ml
The water flow in the humidifier (H = 55%) ~ 350 ml / day

Broody Micro 50 incubator – is intended for poultry-lovers and professionals engaged in breeding birds of different breeds in small quantities.