Tray Standart 45


Tray of automatic coup in the incubator Standart 45

Autoplavor tray for eggs  Standart 45 –  is an independent mechanical design (patent) with an electric motor designed to turn (rotate) chicken and duck eggs in a domestic incubator. Design elements of the tray are made of materials that can withstand a damp environment for a long time and have high resistance to corrosion.

Autoroute tray Standart 45

Plastic guides and levers transmit movement from the motor with a cam mechanism. Cassettes for eggs are made of steel mesh with a thickened zinc coating. The entire construction of the tray is based on the chassis made of aluminum.

Autoroute tray Standart 45

The force of the motor is designed for a maximum load of 7-9 kg. (The load for turning large chicken eggs of the first category is from 3 to 4 kg.)


  • Specifications of the tray Standart 45

Capacity of the tray / Estimated number of eggs, pcs:   – chicken

– quail




Food220V / 12V
Coupling speed2.5 rpm
Motor power, W4
Moment, kg7-8
Overall dimensions, m0.43×0.45×0.13
Weight, kg 1.15