Sezam L New


Mini greenhouse for indoor plants Broody Sezam L

 Sezam L is a mini greenhouse for the home. It consists of a phyto-light, a durable aluminum frame and a transparent PVC cover of 300 micron film. Mini-greenhouse Broody New Sezam L is designed for growing house plants, seedlings, flowers in a city apartment.

Original Broody ™ luminaires Full spectrum Samsung LEDs are used- the best on the market for Phyto light today. The advantage of such LEDs is the full solar spectrum, which makes it possible for the plant to receive light for development, similar to natural.

Best light for microgreen, seed, home flower

Best light for microgreen, seed, home flower

The integrated Phyto-light system is designed to increase the lighting intensity of plants in conditions of insufficient light solar, such as a shady room, northern latitudes of the globe, winter season, etc. Phyto lamp Sezam can be used both for growing microgreens and seedlings, and for the care of adult plants.

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The Sezam New L lamp is powered by 5V, which makes the system safe for people and pets.

Mini greenhouse Sezam New L has a dismountable structure consisting of an aluminum frame and the external cover from the silicone film “flexible glass“. The outer transparent cover is designed to create a microclimate inside the system, and also protects houseplants from bad weather, cold, wind, rapid loss of temperature moisture.



How it works

  Potted plants are placed inside the greenhouse. The integrated Phyto-light increases the luminous flux intensity and favorably affects the development of plants The outer transparent cover protects plants from wind and drafts. The greenhouse creates a stable microclimate that promotes healthy plant growth. Mini-greenhouse Sezam New L is designed for installation on balconies, loggias, terraces, as well as inside residential premises.

 Технические характеристики мини-теплицы Sezam L

Mains voltage 110-220v
Supply voltage lamps 5v
Lamp power 3,1W
Luminaire spectrum Full Spectrum
Number of LEDs (Samsung LM301B) 8
Number of additional LEDs (optional) 4
Lamp size 600*19 mm (diameter)
Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) 20,63 µMol/m2/s
Illuminance 1512 Lx
Luminous flux (Φv) 310,4 Lm
Luminous performance 120 Lm/W
Infrared rejection (IRR) 4,45 W/m2
Color rendering index CRI (Ra) 74,9%
Correlated color temperature (CCT) 3440 К
Box size assembled  L 25.19″ * W 13.38″* H 16.92″ 

L 640 *  W 330* H 430 mm

Packing size L 28.74″ * W4.33″ * H 4.33″

L 730* W 110* H 110 mm

Weight of packing 1,5 kg (3,3 lb)

Презентация мини-теплицы Broody Sezam L