Degidrator Akuma 450
Dryer for vegetables, fruits, fish, meat

Degidrator  Akuma  450

Universal dryer Broody Akuma 450 is designed for drying vegetables, herbs, fruits, fish, meat and other products in the domestic environment.

Akuma 450 has a collapsible design, consisting of an aluminum frame and an outer cover made of silicone film “flexible glass”.

Thanks to its sturdy frame, Akuma 450 dehydrator can load up to 20 kg! products for drying.

Dehydrator Broody Akuma-450

Akuma 450 has 2 drying modes:


– without heating (room temperature)

This mode is recommended for drying herbs, mushrooms, fish (“ram”), meat (“jamon, prosciutto, basturma”) and other products with maximum preservation of useful properties

– heated (45 ° C)

This mode is recommended for drying vegetables and fruits, as well as for drying fish and meat in the “hot drying” mode.

Dehydrator Broody Akuma-450

Advantages of the Akuma 450 dryer:

  • Collapsible design allows you to use the space in the house
  • The frame design of the dryer allows you to dry products in a horizontal, on trays, position (fruit), and in a traditional, suspended on hooks (fish)
  • Lightweight corrugated sleeve * eliminates unpleasant odors (e.g. fish) by connecting to a normal room hood
  • The strong frame allows you to load a large number of products for drying into the dehydrator (up to 20 kg!)
  • A cover made of “flexible glass” film allows you to visually assess the condition and readiness of the product during drying
  • Easy and convenient cleaning (washing) of various types of trays
  • Possibility of washing the cover in automated washing machines


* ventilation sleeve not included as standard


ManufacturerTM Broody
Model Akuma 450
A typedegidrator
Country of Origin Ukraine
Warranty1 year
Maximum power450 W (40 W)
Body material PVC film (200 microns), aluminum frame
Tray Material Aluminum, PVC, fiberglass, polyamide mesh
Number of trays4
Tray spacing15 cm
Single Tray Size40 × 45 cm
Total drying area0.72… 2.0 m 2
Maximum load15-20 kg
Temperature25—45  °C
Uptime168+ h
Open door operationYes
Type of blowinghorizontal
AccessoriesMesh tray (aluminum + polyamide or fiberglass) with aluminum frame – 1 pc., Plastic grill tray with sides – 3 pcs.
Weight5, 0 kg
Dimensions (W × H × D) in decomp. Comp.50 × 50 × 75cm
Dimensions (W × H × D) in complex Comp.47 × 10 × 74 cm
Network cable length1.2 m
Retail OffersDealers Broody

Dryer package Akuma 450

  • Set of tubes and fittings for assembling the frame
  • Krystal Clear Case
  • Heater unit with timer remote control and mounting plate
  • Exhaust fan
  • Cable loop
  • Plastic trellised tray for fruits, vegetables, mushrooms – 3 pcs.
  • Mesh tray for drying herbs and small fruits
  • Plastic tray for making pastille

Overview of the Akuma 450 Dehydrator Dryer