Mini Zoom 90 Battery

Mini Zoom 90 Battery

The Mini Zoom 90 Battery incubator is designed for users living in areas with frequent power outages. The incubator control unit is equipped with a module, which, if there is no 220v in the network, automatically switches to 12 volt battery operation . At the same time, the incubator goes into energy saving mode: auxiliary functions are disabled, such as humidification, cooling and flipping of eggs. In the energy-saving mode, only heating and circulating fans work. When the voltage in the network appears, the incubator automatically switches to 220 volts and starts charging the battery. “Smart charging” does not allow recharging the battery, and therefore the user can not worry about the safety of the battery and do not disconnect the battery terminals during the entire incubation period.

Home egg incubator Mini Zoom 90 Battery

The Mini Zoom 90 Battery incubator belongs to the Mini Zoom incubator line   and has similar characteristics to the rest of the series, but at the same time there are differences. The main difference is the power system. All electric incubator users: heater, fans, motors, light have a supply voltage of 12 volts (safety).

Mini Zoom 90 Battery has in its composition a high-performance humidification system capable of providing (within 30 minutes to 99.9%) humidity inside the incubator in a short time (2-5 minutes). This system allows the user not to worry about the loss and collection of humidity, after the opening of the incubator.

Home egg incubator Mini Zoom 90 Battery

Automated flipping trays allow the eggs to be rotated according to the user-defined mode in the range of 20 seconds to 24 hours. Also, the user can set the time, during which the cyclic rotation of the eggs will be performed: from 10 seconds to 1 hour. The turn takes place at a fixed rate of 2.5 slopes per minute.

For the convenience of beginning poultry farmers in the Mini Zoom 90 Battery incubator, an automatic incubation program for chickenstriggered by a single button is implemented .


As in the entire Mini Zoom series, the Mini Zoom 90 Battery incubator has the ability to monitor all incubation parameters via the Internet. On the WEB page of the Wi-Fi zone, the user can view the following parameters of his incubator (the interface is entered via a unique ID, which is indicated on the case and in the incubator’s instruction):

  • current temperature value (in ° C) + graph of temperature change for the last 30 days
  • current humidity value (in%) + humidity change schedule for the last 30 days
  • current power value (in% of maximum) + graph of power change for the last 30 days
  • time before flipping trays (hours, minutes)
  • the remaining battery capacity (in%) – in battery mode
  • the state of charging the battery (in%) – in the operating mode from the network 220v
  • time before airing (hours, minutes)
  • Days of incubation (from the moment of laying eggs) – for each tray separately


Moisture temperature graph of the Broody Mini Zoom 90 Battery incubatorTemperature chart of the Broody Mini Zoom 90 Battery incubator

As standard, the Mini Zoom 90 Battery incubator comes with automatic egg pans Standart 45 and is designed to breed bird breeds with an average size of incubation eggs such as chickens and ducks. If additional trays or liners are completed, it is possible to use an incubator without any alterations to incubate any species of geese, including giant breeds, swans, turkeys, quails, ostriches, parrots, pheasants, guinea fowls, etc.

incubator Broody Mini Zoom 90 Battery

  • Technical characteristics of the Mini Zoom 90 Battery incubator

Capacity of the incubator / Estimated number of eggs, pcs: – chicken   – quail




Food220V / 12V
Capacity of the incubator (medium / maximum)50/70 W
Uniform temperature distributionUp to ± 0.5 ° C
Temperature maintenance modeAuto
Humidity maintenance modeAuto
Temperature control accuracy0.01 ° C
Humidity control accuracy0.5%
Turning period of trays20 seconds … 24 hours
Duration of turning trays10 seconds … 1 hour
Audible alarms for emergency modesthere is
Automatic coolingthere is
Emergency coolingthere is
Automatic ventilationthere is
Powered by an autonomous source 12vthere is
Setting the temperature within30 … 40 ° C
Setting the humidity within20 – 99.9%
Humidifier capacity2.2 liters
Water flow in the humidifier (H = 55%)~ 700-900 ml / day
Overall dimensions, m0,5х0,5х0,5
Packing size, m0,5х0,3х0,25
Weight (gross), kg7.8

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