Tray Simpo 45


Simpo 45

Automatic egg tray in the incubator

Model Simpo 45 – the automatic turntable (automatic rotate) of the eggs is designed for automatic overturn in the incubator of chicken, duck eggs and eggs of other breeds of birds with an average egg size. The construction is made of plastic, painted metal and aluminum profile.


The device is completely independent and can be used in any incubators, including homemade ones, with overall dimensions that allow placing a tray in them. The design of the tray is protected by a patent.

Using quill for Q28 quail eggs in the tray, you can incubate quail and other eggs of small breeds of poultry.

The capacity of the tray is 45 chicken eggs.

Technical characteristics (similar to the characteristics of the tray Standart 45 :

  • Specifications of the Simpo 45 tray

Capacity of the tray / Estimated number of eggs, pcs:   – chicken

– quail (with liner Q28 )


Food220V / 12V
Coupling speed2.5 rpm
Motor power, W4
Moment, kg7-8
Overall dimensions, m0,42х0,44х0,12
Weight, kg 1.05