Sezam l

Sezam L

 Sezam L – mini greenhouse for the house. It consists of a durable aluminum frame and a transparent cover of 100 micron PVC film. Protects house plants from bad weather, cold, wind, fast loss of moisture. Can be used on balconies, loggias, terraces, verandas. Designed for succulent plants, bonsai, seedlings. 

————— Model  Sezam L Grow Lamp  —————

The addition of mini-greenhouses with LED-lamps of blue (455nm) and red (660nm) spectrum allows to increase the intensity of “sunlight” for shaded growing conditions of plants, increase the light day for southern exotic plants grown in northern latitudes, in apartment conditions.

 Number of LEDs: 14Red 4Blue 
Power: 5-6 W each lamp

Dimensions of the product assembled: 40x40x71 cm

Package dimensions: 9x80x9 cm

Shipping Weight: 1500 g