Sezam XL

  Mini-greenhouse SEZAM XL for apartment, balcony, terrace

Provides optimal conditions for seed development and plant growth. Designed for growing seedlings, ornamental plants, flowers, succulents, micro-greens, bonsai.

A transparent cover made of a 100 micron thick silicone film reliably protects plants from sudden changes in temperature and frosts, wind, and insects. The special transparency of this type of film (“flexible glass”) creates an excellent overview of the vegetation in the greenhouse.

The collapsible frame structure consists of durable aluminum tubes with a diameter of 12 mm and can withstand a total load of 20 kg. The multi-storey device makes it possible to compactly and conveniently place a mini-greenhouse in limited conditions of a balcony, loggia, apartment. Sezam XL takes up little space – an area of ​​only 0.2 m2. If necessary, the cover can be removed and use the design as a light rack for home colors.

The transparent cover is provided with a folding canopy-door with a zipper, providing easy access to plants for watering and care.


Creating an optimal microclimate for plants in the mini-greenhouse Sezam XL allows you to quickly get excellent results.







Dimensions: 500x360x1450 mm 
Package size: 400x750x120 
Weight (net): 3.2 kg 
Weight (gross, packaging): 3.5 kg 
Number of tiers: – 3 
Maximum load: 
– upper shelf 5 kg 
– middle shelf 5 kg 
– lower shelves 10 kg 
Manufacturer: Ukraine, Broody ™ 
Warranty 12 months.

Model Sezam XL Lamp 

The addition of mini-greenhouses with LED-lamps of blue (455nm) and red (660nm) spectrum allows to increase the intensity of “sunlight” for shaded growing conditions of plants, increase the light day for southern exotic plants grown in northern latitudes, in apartment conditions.

Number of LEDs: 14Red 4Blue 
Power: 5-6 W each lamp