Wooden label picks – set of 10 stakes, use for plant markers or to mark your house’s herbs, garden, spring planting decor, chalkboard tags, gifts, guest names, wedding, plates name, cakes.

A set of 10 labels includes a special marking pencil.

 Nature at home!

Made of Hornbeam* and bamboo.

The biodegradable label picks are made of 100% natural hornbeam (it’s not plywood). The sign holder is made of bamboo. The surface of the plate has been carefully polished. 

Eco friendly.

The elements of these garden markers are connected using the glue that is based on natural ingredients. This organic construction makes these wooden labels highly durable and very sturdy.  Due to the sharp end and the small diameter of the support, there is no risk to damage the roots of the plant.

Stylish simple design.

The wooden label stick is cut and engraved on the plate surface with laser technology. The density and hardness of wood makes it ideal for writing with hard writing tools: pencil, ballpoint pen.


These mini garden stakes are the perfect way using pencil or pen to name different things in different places. You may use it in your garden like plant name label, herb garden picks, also in the kitchen as label picks for food for different parties (wedding, birthday). It will not only be perfect decoration but also be a memorable gift. Make an ideal gift for the avid gardener or master chef cook around you.

*Hornbeam wood also known as blue-beech, ironwood, or muscle wood.

Interior decorators believe that the hornbeam has the ability to dispel illusions. This tree is perfect for people who are very tired at work or at home. Hornbeam wood contributes to a real look at the world around you and your potential. The hornbeam will help a person to coordinate their actions, to understand the illusion of ideas about the future and some plans. Hornbeam wood gives strength in everyday life, helps to part with ridiculous prejudices and fantasies. Hornbeam has a beneficial effect on dreamers and romantics who lack the strength and desire to act.

 The wood is used also to construct carving boards, tool handles, hand plane soles, coach wheels, piano actions, shoe lasts, and other products where a very tough, hard wood is required.


Length (including spike)6.1″ (155 mm)
Width2.55″ (65 mm)
Thickness of plate0.15″ (4.7 mm)
Foot diameter0.11″ (3 mm)