Inexpensive incubator with battery: it is already possible to buy in Ukraine from April 1

Egg incubator Broody Micro Battery - Incubator with battery, incubator with backup power

Since April 2018, an inexpensive incubator with a Broody Micro Battery 50 has come on sale .

The Broody Micro Battery incubator is designed for 50 chicken eggs. In addition to chickens in the Micro Battery incubator, thanks to the use of a universal automatic egg tray, it is possible to remove eggs without any alterations:

  • ducks
  • pheasants
  • turkeys
  • geese
  • quail (if there is a liner for quail eggs Q28 )
  • guinea fowls, peacocks, parrots, pigeons and other species of domestic and wild bird species.

Broody Micro Battery  incubator for eggs  refers to the Micro series , designed for poultry farmers engaged in breeding small quantities of poultry.

Micro Battery 50  consists of:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Heat-moisture insulating cover with viewing window
  • Parameter control unit: temperature, humidity, duration and egg turning period
  • The unit for heating and air distribution
  • Automatic universal tray for turning eggs with gear motor
  • Humidifier of the geyser type with reservoir 750ml
  • External power supply 12 V

The backup power management unit is equipped with a deep battery protection function. Detailed specifications and description of the incubator can be found here .

Buy incubator with backup battery power 12v in Ukraine can be in partner stores TM Broody