Incubator on solar batteries


Incubator with solar panels Broody Micro Battery 50

The smallest model in the line of Broody incubators is Micro Battery 50 , designed for 50 chicken eggs. But despite its relatively small capacity, the incubator can boast, in front of competitors, an adjustable humidifier, a safe 12V supply and work from a backup power source (12 volt battery).


For most countries in Europe and America – quite in demand functions for an inexpensive incubator. BUT, in the world there are countries where in whole areas there is no electricity. And nevertheless, there is a demand for the incubation of poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, etc.) in households.

The Micro Battery 50 incubator is what you need for the remote farms of Asia, Africa, Latin America. It can run from solar panels with minimal power.

To operate the incubator, a solar panel with a capacity of 100 W is sufficient, and this is approximately 1 m 2 of the area.

To operate from the solar panel, no rework is required (* if the output voltage of the panel is calculated at 12V) – simply connect the backup wires to the output terminals of the solar panel, according to the polarity.

If your solar panel is equipped with a built-in charger, then by connecting the battery you can charge it in the afternoon from the solar energy while feeding the incubator. And at night the incubator will run on battery power.

In the same way, the Zoom 180 and Mini Battery 90 incubators are connected to the solar panels . In this case, the output power of the solar panel should be greater: 220 and 150 watts, respectively.