18 day of incubation. Incubation of eggs in the Office.


Day 18 (Thurs)

Today, for the second time, eggs were shone through the ovoscope. There is already visible the embryo, which moves. Eggs all left, even with deviations in development – I believe in the power of nature! This time everything went twice as fast (experience affects) and took me 15 minutes. In the first ovoscoping I left some eggs that caused questions – I was afraid that there is no experience and I can remove viable eggs. In the second ovoscoping already, even to me unprepared, it was clear which eggs were defective. Although a few underdeveloped eggs (with a lot of transparent liquid) still left – I’m an optimist in life – and suddenly will be released? ))

After ovoskopirovaniya set the humidity 75%.

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