Day 22 (Mon)


Since morning I was met by 9 chickens. I understand that the cursing today will not be so fast. But I already have enough worries. I changed the paper under them, changing my water often. They are now fresh and dry J


Another 11 pieces are already running around the brooder and come to the senses from the new world. J Everything works stably. Eat already full, but a little, just give the yolk. We constantly change the water.


In the evening they took out 6 pieces. I thought that today there will be less brood. And it turned out to be even more. This makes me happy.


Five chickens were transplanted to dry and warmed into the brooder from the top tray, and only one from the bottom.

On the lower floor left 4 weak chicken, paws actively jerk (left until the morning). I think they will be better inside. And more time for heating. From the top floor 1 the chicken was dead (taken away from the office). These are the things I can hardly stand. Very worried. The only thing I did not really like about this experiment. 2 pcs left to dry until morning. I hope not to die. I do not want to worry about it again.

The output trays changed places. The top set down, and the bottom one up. The manufacturer recommends changing the output trays once a day, since the trays are closed and the air circulation is not as effective as with the mesh trays. Before leaving home, I got another baby in the brooder.

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