The temperature and humidity in the incubator Brudi Zoom.


Day 15 (Mon)

I opened the incubator, see if everything is all right inside. The parameters are set all the same. Temperature 37,8, humidity 65%. Increased airing time to 30 minutes twice a day.

The airing worked. In just 30 minutes the temperature dropped by 5.3 degrees. I’m not sure this is much, or not enough. But the main thing is that the air inside has changed.

Day 16 (Tues)

The incubator works like a clock. The shock of the “burgundy beast,” which you can watch remotely, has already passed. But I read here that on the 19th day of incubation, eggs should be transferred to the output trays. It is good that they are already included. I do not know where I would shift them. I do not even want to think about it. So, on the 19th day, I have a Friday. Those. In the theory, the shell’s prokle goes from the 19th to the 22nd day, well, more if necessary. BUT! It turns out I have to be on duty at the office, so as not to miss such an important moment. Therefore, I’ll give you a piece of advice (if you, like me, decided to take the chick out of the house, J is not enough J): before laying eggs, make sure that the cave will start in the working week. Better, probably, on Monday. Then on Friday already dry chickens can be taken immediately to my mother at the cottage

Day 17 (Wed)

Increased humidity up to 70%. A couple more, but nothing else happens. And what should happen ?!

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