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Day 3 (Wed)

Even a little boring becomes!

All the same, the indicators are stable. I’m already getting used to dropping the temperature and humidity graphs into the phone. I have not yet realized what the power schedule is for. But, apparently, I’ll understand later. To be honest.

Control Panel incubator Broody

Broody incubator

Day 4 (Thurs)

Today I saw how the eggs are turned. The coup is standard, of course. But the fact that there is an opportunity to set the duration of the coup, seemed fascinating. I counted five full turns of the cassettes. You can set the duration and more, but most likely there will be an omelet in the end! If someone has more time turning over their eggs, share their experience ?! The manufacturer provided the opportunity to set the turn duration of the trays “zero” – i.e. In general, there will not be a coup. This would be a plus if the chickens were removed in the same trays, without transplantation. But for this purpose output trays are intended. This is yet to come 🙂

Humidity in the incubator. Humidifier Broody
Humidity in the incubator. Humidifier Broody

Day 5 (Fri)

Really ended the water in the humidifier? !!! Good people, on the fifth day! Incredible. I added water with a two-liter bottle. It seems so convenient to me. Previously, forcibly turned off the humidifier: pressed the “-” button on the control panel for 3 seconds. I opened the incubator, lifted the additional fan on the aluminum tube (the temperature in the office is 21-22 ° C, so we do not need an additional fan). Now he does not prevent us from pulling out the humidifier. Without disconnecting the humidifier, he pulled it out of the incubator, tilted it (everything is as in the figure in the manual), and poured water. Also, put it back inside. Do not forget the humidifier: press the “+” button on the control panel for 3 seconds. That’s all!

Refilling water in humidifier Broody Zoom

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