Incubator_broody_zoom_ humidifier

Day 2 (w) Arrived at the Office early (7.30) and directly to the incubator-no change, except that a few drops of water on the bottom near the humidifier. Engineer warned me that small puddles at the bottom-this is normal. 


Not run to the incubator and j. look but only peek and remains. Temperature and humidity keeps constantly. On the computer screen, this smooth part of the schedule. Stability! incubator_broody_zoom_


Just hit when worked airing. Yesterday I wrote that airing we didn't install. It is. But the minimum value is set to 1 minute programme airing every 12:00 am. This 1 minute I noticed. Lit up red button on the control panel-cooling. And at the rear of the incubator, if you put your hand to the openings, feel the warm air flow. Means the cooling function of the incubator really works. Settings are not changed. The water in the humidifier more than half its volume, add makes no sense. incubator_broody_zoom_    

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