WIFI in the incubator: laptop, phone, Tablet
I in the incubator: laptop, phone, Tablet


Day 6 (Sat)

I ran into the office in the morning, though it was a day off. On WiFi shows everything is fine, everything works, but it’s better to see everything with your own eyes! Now, the first thing you do before going to bed, and waking up in the morning, is checking how the incubator works.

What day of incubation I mark on the calendar, hangs on the wall. In the same place, I note these settings, so that I can not forget anything. Soon it is necessary to shine through the eggs.

Calendar of incubation of chickens in the Office. Incubator Broody

I could not resist and decided to look inside the incubator. The fabric of the case is all damp. But there are no puddles anywhere. Skeleton, all tubes, even warm trays. By the way, for a long time did not observe the revolution of the trays. Does he turn the eggs around? Worried. In the instruction, I found a key combination for a forced overturn. Working! The same two minutes as in the settings. The water in the humidifier was still there. Done to the maximum. Ahead of the weekend! I believe that it’s no longer worth worrying about the work of the incubator. Only I will observe and relax J

Day 7 (Sun)

No change – Sunday

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