Day 9.

Today I noticed how the red lamp on the control panel caught fire. The airing worked. The temperature gradually decreased, the humidifier turned off. Therefore, humidity also fell. I do not know what to say by airing. Airs and everything. If you put your hand during ventilation against the ventilation holes on the back of the incubator – then you feel an elastic hot air flow. Undoubtedly it is useful for chickens – fresh air is useful to everyone).

I decided to follow on the chart how the temperature and humidity will rise and how much time it will take. Everything took about 20 minutes. Even a screenshot is available J.

Has established 60% humidity.

(Normalization scale is set to 20 minutes. In the ventilation mode, the humidity is turned off, but the heating is at the same time working)

Day 10 (Wed)

Gradually increase the humidity. Today 65%. Now more often I look to the moisturizer. It all seems to me that the water will quickly evaporate. And in vain … The water in the humidifier 2/3, (this is where it is 1.6 liters) – until tomorrow is enough .. You can go quietly home to rest. Now, watching the indicators has become a habit, and sometimes I ask myself: how else? But 10 days ago I was wondering why Wi-Fi needed in the incubator J.

WIFI in the incubator: incubation parameters control
WIFI in the incubator: incubation parameters control


Day 11 (Thurs)

The coup worked, the eggs were turned over for 2 minutes, as prescribed. The eggs swing to the right and left about 45 degrees. Works quietly – almost not audible.

The whole day – the incubator did not pay attention – only a couple of times, for interest, turned on the light and looked through the window. Everything, as it was – without changes …

Day 12 (Fri)

All the time I want to turn off 220 volts – to check how the incubator works on the battery, it’s not for nothing that they dragged such heaviness to the 2 nd floor. Disconnected once, worked, switched to backup power – and everything, then it was already uninteresting.

Battery with incubator Broody ZOOM
Battery with incubator Broody ZOOM

.Tomorrow I will not come. Everything is quiet. Only the proportion of water to the maximum. On average, at 65% humidity, I add 2.5 liter humidifier every 2 days. More for your own peace of mind. Before the complete evaporation of water in the humidifier I do not bring

Humidifier incubator Broody ZOOM
Humidifier incubator Broody ZOOM

Day 13 (Sat), 14 (Sun) – the weekend. I did not appear in the office. I control the process from home – everything is normal.

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