New incubator model with battery

Incubator for 90 eggs with battery

from November 20 on sale comes the incubator model with backup power (battery 12 volts) – Mini Zoom 90 Battery

Incubator from the Mini Zoom series with a capacity of 90 chicken eggs. The fully automatic incubator is equipped with a powerful humidifier ( 30-99% humidity), automatic egg couplers, a WI-FI module, a module for automatic switching to battery backup and charging, and also in automatic mode. All electrical consumers of the incubator have a safe supply voltage of 12 volts . There is 1 automatic program for incubating chickens (all settings with one button).

The incubator can maintain the set temperature (± 0.1 ° C), humidity (± 3%), ventilate and cool eggs according to the schedule. The overheat protection function protects the eggs, in case of excessive heat released by eggs in the last stages of incubation. The weight of the packed incubator does not exceed 7.5 kg, volume – 0.04 m³. The incubator design is prefabricated / demountable, which minimizes transportation costs, especially international ones. In the assembled state, the volume of the incubator is 0,125 m³.

The Mini Zoom 90 Battery incubator is equipped with standarts 45  *.

* Can be bundled with other trays

Mini Zoom 90 Battery