Day 20 (Sat)

I’m on duty. So far, all is stable. Humidity holds 85%. You look in the window, and there is a “parilochka”. I read that moisture is increased at the last stage of incubation in order to make it easier for chickens to break the softened shell and get out. With this my incubator does not have any problems – I can include 95% moisture, another thing is that I do not know how much. Therefore, today I hold 85%, on the last day of the ladies – 90%


The water in the humidifier is over. According to my calculations, at a humidity of 85% – 2.5 liters of water was enough for 20 hours. Spent the whole day watching the eggs, but not a single puff and did not wait. Well nothing.! In the evening, I poured more water into the humidifier just in case.

In the evening I cooked two eggs, so that I could feed the chickens tomorrow.

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