Day 21 (Sun)

“Well, there must be something today!” – I thought, rising in the morning from the bed. Indeed, when I arrived at the office, I found already dried chicken! So, as you remember, our theory is true that the proklev will begin early in the morning (as we laid eggs at 16:45). The chicken is healthy, and how loud it is! J Put it in a cardboard box with a lamp. At the bottom of the bed, I put paper, poured water from the cooler into the cap nylon (such that we all close the banks at home). She squashed half of the yolk and put it in the box to the chicken. But as for me, he has not yet touched him. Apparently, still small.


Humidity was 90%. I read at forums that this is only for the benefit of chickens. I will hope for the experience of those poultry farmers who advised this. What happened, the window of the incubator completely fogged !! To see what is inside it is worth knocking on the window and the water runs down the wall J. Exactly like in the steam room, only there’s no use knocking on the window

In the brooder (our box for hatched chickens), a thermoregulator was installed. Also advice from the forum J. The temperature was set at 35-36C. The lamp turns off as soon as the thermostat shows 36, and turns on, as shown by 35.9, and so on. Vodichku I change often, so, as in a box warmly, and I would not like to poison a chicken with microbes. Maybe I’m too concerned about him ?! 🙂


She added more water to the reservoir of the humidifier. Excess will not be exact. I will fix the chickens already, which I planted in the brooder. There are already a few wet chickens running around and drying up, and when they hatch, I do not know.


I took out 4 chicken. What they are loud J It pleases. Strong, stand on legs. Immediately try to pull the shell out of the tray. From the fact that I open the incubator, the humidity falls quickly. But also quickly dialed when I close it. More and more often I ask myself how to get chickens in another incubator, how to maintain such humidity? I have a steam here at full speed sweeps.


Another 6 pieces pulled out. I already have a “kindergarten” from chickens. Eat quite a bit, more trampled egg yolk. But the water is being sampled. I also run, I change to fresh J

Built another brooder. The box is larger, and the lamp is infrared, red – it is said that it fits the best way for heating chickens. Put the second thermostat. Also I keep the temperature 35-36.


She transferred 17 eggs from the lower output tray to the upper one. And this again after reading the instructions. It was possible to change the trays, but it was more convenient for me to eat eggs. Itself happened. The shell was thrown away and the eggs immediately shifted. And more! I wipe the bottom of the output tray with paper towels. There the liquid remains a little, after the chicken hatched. And it seemed to me that they were slippery. It’s so pure of yourself. Did she do it right?

An engineer came from the manufacturer, wrote something in a notebook, said that there would be special grids put in a set to the output trays – so that the newborn chicken’s feet would not move apart and stick to the smooth surface with their wings.

I noticed, more accurately, learned some of the breeds J. A couple of chickens were with bare necks, and a couple with shaggy paws J


Yes, I’m still in the officeJ

I took out 11 pieces of strong, healthy chickens. I can not get enough of it !!! There are enough places in the box. Do not crush each other, run around, dry up. In a large brooder she shifted 14 chickens already dry and fully strengthened. I feed all the time with yolk, eat a little, stomp more. We constantly change water to fresh (from the cooler). Drink! But they also wash there

Changed the paper in a large brooder. We set up a drinking bowl – cut off the bottom of a liter bottle and glued it to a cat’s bowl. What was in the office, so worked J. And more! Holes on the bottle have done so that the head of the chicken reaches the water. What can I say, the chickens were clever, guessed what’s what. I already feed the chickens with steamed corn flakes. The ones that swell in 2 minutes. At one time I floundered with the same flakes. They also like J


I’m already asleep, of course J Maybe I should not, so follow them. But I’m like a beginner, very worried. Has pulled out to warm up in a box 3 more pieces. I think it’s time to go home. Morning again here. Previously, I concluded that 4-6 hours can be safely left unattended. This time is enough for the chick hatched and dried. Some even manage to climb between the eggs. CuriousJ Humidifier at 2:00 typed full.

Humidity of 90% holds steadily.

In total 24 chicken were brought out during the day. I and the chicks are good fellows J

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