23 day of incubation. Incubation of chickens in the Office.
23 day of incubation. Incubation of chickens in the Office.


Day 23 (Tues) – the conclusion of chicks


She arrived early. I thought I would meet a horde of chickens there, but no. Only 2 pieces transplanted into a brooder. Humidity is also 90%. I built another box yesterday. So absolutely for the youngest and weakest. Maybe it’s not necessary, but it’s so calmer for me that no one offends them. I learned about the “elektryanya” for chickens. This is a 3-liter jar, with a bulb installed in it. As a result, the bank heats up, and the chickens cling to this “nanny,” and they warm themselves. Maybe they think that this is a kvochka ?! 🙂 An interesting thing. The main thing is that the chicks get stronger J


Before dinner, 5 more chickens went by !! I left them to dry up inside. She got out only in the evening, and immediately put her in a brooder with a nanny. They are still so wet. Let them warm themselves. Hope that someone else will hatch, fade away. But they say that it is better to leave the eggs in the incubator, if the next egg laying does not press. But what if ?! I’m in no hurry, then let the incubator work.

Day 24 (Wed)

Toward evening, I took two more chickens from the incubator. On the paws barely stand. I hope that they will survive. I put them only water.

But in the biggest brooder, of course, chaos. Especially when you feed them. Well, they are eating now. I also feed them with flakes, I have nothing more. I give you the yolk. I feed every two hours. Portion swept away immediately, and even fight sometimes contrive. Even there is a “quiet hour”, and silence is piled up. Everyone is asleep. So cute J

Day 25 (Thurs)

Eggs still lie in the incubator. I think that it is unlikely that there will be a chicken. There are 12 eggs remaining. Those that are marked “questionnaire” and remained intact, then my fears during the ovoscoping have been confirmed. Honestly, I do not remember what exactly embarrassed me in these eggs.


Conclusion: It’s very unexpected for me that my first incubation experience proved to be very successful. I found that the hatchability of my bookmark was 78%! This is even for experienced poultry farmers, judging by the reviews on the Internet, very decent. To its merits can be attributed responsibility, attention and care, the rest on the “conscience” of the manufacturer.

It was very surprising to bring the chicks out, even in large numbers, at work in the office. Previously, and could not think that this is possible. But, as they say, progress does not stand still and I am grateful to the case that the neighbors gave me, who persuaded me to take a “risky” experiment.

The experiment was completed successfully – a whole flock of chickens is rushing to freedom from the enclosure in the village. Soon I’ll go and see my charges. I promise pictures))


On the first day of the brood (I had 21 days of incubation), 24 chicks were all left. In the second – 33 pcs. And on the third only 9 pieces, the weak are true, but all survived. The most important thing!

Only 66 pcs of chickens left for the village.

P.S. And yes, the last “recumbent”, the weakest chicks got to their feet and survived !! No wonder I ran around them.

Trays. I decided to post pictures before and after. Washed simple cold water from the tap, adding a drop of detergent (for disinfection).

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